Ducking and Covering

The story of the Atomic Honeymooners: ‘The bride-and-groom-to-be were chosen from among at least one hundred similarly nuptial-minded teams. Paul Indianer, [owner of Bomb Shelters, Inc], remembers that he chose Mel and Maria because he noticed on the entry form that Mel was a graduate of Miami Beach Senior High, Mr. Indianer’s alma mater. Maria’s stunning appearance did not hurt their chances either. So on July 12, 1959, the winning couple tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony attended by friends, family and county officials. Directly after the reception – wedding cake leftovers in tow – the newly minted Mininsons descended into a 12-ft. deep, 6 x 14ft. wide shelter – and the annals of Atomic Pop Culture. Sheriff Tom Kelly, Chief of Dade County Civil Defense, officially sealed the Exit Hatch and a large calendar – marking the days until that seal would be broken – sat waiting to be X-‘d off as each of the 14 days passed.’ At the epic Conelrad, a treasure trove of memories, memorabilia and sounds from the high era of Atomic paranoia. Above image from ‘Duck and Cover‘, the old classic, posted by Behind the Curtain.


Other things. The creators of the technologies we take for granted are dying: Ceefax instigator Colin McIntyre, remote control champion Eugene Polley / ‘The Japanese are flocking to appreciate the aesthetic charms of industrial sites with factory tours… an emerging niche tourist trade fuelled by kojo moe – “factory infatuation” – an enthusiasm that has taken root among young urbanites whose lives are increasingly remote from Japan’s manufacturing base’.


The Hooden Utilitarian on Reading Drawings: Architecture and Comics, structure, framing and progress through the page. Includes scans of Robert Crumb’s amazing ‘A Short History of America‘ and more / the mystery of the dark day / West Green Road, photographs by Greg White / Our French Connection. Baldwin heads to Kentucky.


The Land-Rover Defender 110 Lego model, by Sheepo’s Garage / Virtual Globetrotting’s residential category is a snoopy helicopter-powered tour of the living arrangements of the 1%, with the odd architectural gem thrown in / South Florida Postcards / the art of the architectural capriccio, a post on fantasy landscapes at Country Houses / Melvin the Mini Machine. Complicated solution to a simple problem, in the grand tradition of Rube Goldberg. Via Dezeen.

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