Dubious entertainments

Some slightly silly things that exist only in virtual plans; Floating Motors, boats that look like classic cars. Cryptoland, an elaborate parody? / instrumentals by Legos / a set of successfully crowdfunded product designs from 2021 / 52 things learned in 2021 / 52 more things learned in 2021 / The Year That Was and Wasn’t, at tmn / Mini Tokyo 3D, a fun realtime visualisation of the city’s transit system (via MeFi / a Wired article on gravity-driven energy storage systems / beautiful architectural drawings by Takuro Yamamoto Architects / Philipp Doringer’s Atlas Of No Direction Home, ‘ a database filled with all the locations relevant to Bob Dylan’s career’ (via w*) / play Video Games Developed Behind the Iron Curtain at Slovak Digital Games From the Late 80s. Often played on cloned Spectrums / talking of nostalgia, a look back at Ableton Live through the years / man spends six years recreating Ceefax: NMS Ceefax.

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