Drones and gnomes

Behind the Facade, Witold Rybczynski on Poundbury (via Providence Journal): ‘[T]here is a lot more to Poundbury than meets the modernist critic’s jaundiced eye. The place is neither anachronistic, nor utopian, nor elitist. Nor is it a middle-class ghetto. In fact, Poundbury embodies social, economic, and planning innovations that can only be called radical.’ / The Homewood: A Modernist Masterpiece by Patrick Gywnne, at MidCentury Magazine / T-R-E-M-O-R-S, an architecture magazine / the Evolution Sale at Summers Place Auctions is a treasure trove of depressing Victorian taxidermy / 1970 De Tomaso Mangusta Coupé.


After the Domino’s Drone, Amazon has seized the media initiative, ‘announcing’ Amazon Prime Air, the retail equivalent of a motor show concept car (looks great, sounds great, totally unavailable). Sure, start-ups exist, but cost, legislation and a host of other worries make this a good silly season story rather than a sure-fire future bet. More thoughts. Try also reading My week as an Amazon insider for a hefty dose of reality about the company’s pared-to-the-bone approach and the resulting human cost. We’re all complicit in this, in one way or another. Related, via tumblr, We attempted a drone delivery. See also introducing O.W.L.S (via).

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