Driving and filing

Madle.org, one of those sites so filled with things (in this car car-related, although there’s also a sideline looking at cars on bags) that it’s impossible to know where to start) / The Paper City is a well-observed tumblr by architect Henry Stephens, pulling together imagery like this: Mies big and small / The Aphex Face, or how to embed imagery in your audio files, first practiced by The Aphex Twin himself / jog something with Kept Ephemera / video art by Petra Cortright / Light Reading, a weblog by author Jenny Davidson / ‘Left’ is the new album by Morton Valence and we highly recommend it.


Max Creasy takes photographs of contemporary architecture and makes photographic still lives, never losing sight of the oft-ignored relationship between buildings and people. His side project Nothing Matters ‘takes the narrative of image and text and connects it with the numerical rationale of filing systems through the camera and books. Pictures are selected from his own photographic archive, with their automatically generated camera file number, and referenced against the same sequence of digits from the Dewey Decimal System of the local Hackney Library. This generates a book that creates a relationship with the image that is random, fictitious and yet logical.’

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