Drive-by looting

Is it too late to save LACMA? We know LA loves sprawl, but this seems ridiculous: “FACT: The museum has consistently maintained that visitors lose interest when confronted by a staircase. Bald lie: Visit the Louvre, the National Gallery, the Metropolitan Museum, the Chicago Art Institute. See PORTFOLIO section for inviting, incentivizing staircases in multi-story museums.” A high-profile campaign is challenging the constantly changing Peter Zumthor re-design for LA’s art museum, even though demolition has already started. Not only is LACMA described as ‘the Incredible Shrinking Museum,’ the design seems to go full-on Reyner Banham-era Brutalist Megastructure, playing to tropes about Los Angeles that were once lauded but are now largely villified. It also feels like a curiously contrarian departure from Zumthor’s reliably tasteful asceticism / some other things. A hefty chunk of info and links about data privacy and information harvesting, courtesy of MeFi / Obscurest Vinyl, records re-imagined. Potentially nsfw, definitely puerile / how we made Where is my mind? / coming soon, Latency, an online performance by The Radiophonic Workshop (via musicradar). See also the upcoming Delia Derbyshire docu-drama referenced in this post / Leah Blogs, simple and straightforward / visual essays at The Pudding / art and animation by Thomas Hooper / paintings by Dahye Choi / photographs by Anne Sophie Guillet / illustrations by Jo Brown / photographs by Lewis Bush, including the Metropole and Latent Labour series. Also Bush’s writing on photography / the audio series Ghost Hotel / release the BATs.

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