Drifting on the wind

In Love with Japan, an illustrated book by Johana Kroftová / beautiful illustrations by Erwin Kho / glacial, disconcerting self portraits by Katerina Belkina / Driving Survival, post-apocalyptic road trip pursuit game (via RPS) / vaguely, sort of, could be related, inside Porton Down / a poster on the work of Guillermo del Toro by relajaelcoco studio / extraordinary Brutalist pile in Queensland / journey deep down in subterranean London / artist and architect Christian Tonko / paintings and prints by Steven Hubbard / a selection of Fritz Lang-style sandcastles / Czech-based company Bastl Instruments make custom synths and explain massively complex traditional rack systems in their videos (via Synthtopia) / in 2013, UKIP put out a ppb that was essentially ‘A Vision of Britain’ in video form.

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