Dream worlds

Hidden patterns in tropical fruit / underground test / The Sun In Ultra-HD / art by Russell Moreton / the Frinton Park Estate Mini Guide / 25 years on from Adam and Joe / technology is beautiful: Docubyte (via Synth History) / Ghost Signs: A London Story (via Meanwhile) / the Porsche 911 price index / the Smithsons’ Upper Lawn / music by Softie / music by Numan / the cinematography of Denis Villeneuves (and his collaborators) / landscape paintings from Western art / Behind You, art by Brian Coldrick / Brick Bending / art by Eliseo H. Zubiri / Turkeys voting for Christmas / Jodorowsky and Giraud’s storyboards for Herbert’s Dune: estimate, c25k euros. Sale price? €2.7m. With art by Chris Foss and special effects by Dan O’Bannon

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