Down the whirlpool

The Downstairs Gays, a tale of double kitchens, cyber-stalking and of digging yourself deeper and deeper with Google: ‘the second hit was his website, [hisname].com, which featured a sidebar of links, including his Twitter, his Instagram, his résumé, his portfolio, his Tumblr, his Pinterest, his LinkedIn, his Vimeo, YouTube, and SoundCloud likes, as well as links to a few “obscure Netflix faves” and several TED Talks he’d enjoyed.’ Social media is a cursed medium for deciphering what someone else is actually thinking. More’s the pity. Although we’re living in a world where companies are becoming more and more adept at extrapolating things about their customers from their data and behaviour, as illustrated by this example Target’s cunning way of concealing its targeting of pregnant customers. How soon before those ‘skills’ are turned on human relationships?


Other things. Sort of related: The Ghosts of Pickering Trail. Death, haunting and the world of ‘psychologically stigmatized’ real estate / revisited: Dialogues in Design is essentially things‘ successor, the contemporary equivalent of what is possible as a student-driven spin-off from a course / Life on the Lion Farm estate 25 years ago, photographs by Robert Clayton / things to watch: the Butterfield Diet Plan / Steven Soderburgh’s ‘Butcher’s cut‘ of Heaven’s Gate.

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