Don’t go in the basement

Architecture and design round-up. A couple of titanic Art Deco piles to kick-off: Villa Cavrois, France (via The Spaces) and Villa Dirickz, Belgium (via Wowhaus) / Cartastrophe, ‘mistakes were made’ in the presentation process. See also, a new way of looking at the city / sort of related, a map of the United States Settings of Horror Movies (via MeFi). See also the Lake Monsters of America and Monsters in America (via Boing Boing). Rather more functional, a Cryptozoological map of the World / design for film: Jensen Skodvin and the sets of Ex Machina / the aesthetics of the off-shore world, a photographic exhibition by Paolo Woods and Gabriele Galimberti. Related, Who owns London’s most expensive mansion? Lots more info, images and rampant speculation on twitter.

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