Dolls, discs and beards

This is what the end of a glacier looks like / a different kind of time-lapse, Rummel, shot at Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest, ‘the biggest spring funfair in Europe’ (via The Pop-Up City) / ‘Welcome to, the leading website for maritime professionals.’ / Chisel and Mouse make elegant plaster models of classic architectural facades / Zena’s Petite Boutique sells everything you need for your dolls house / Monster Hunter, cult film criticism / introducing the LomoKino, an analogue 35mm film camera – it makes 144 frame films from standard 35mm film – from the Lomography people. Who needs fancy iPhone apps?


Some more old-fashioned things: a new sound disc for the Mattel Optigan keyboard. More on the Optigan / Physical Recordings, a French blog devoted to tape culture and other obsolete sound-recording and playback devices. Occasionally nsfw. Related, Discuts. The above image is of mini-discs for talking dolls, modern versions of the original Edison ‘phonograph dolls‘ (via the Dead Media Archive), each of which contained an individually recorded wax cylinder, with frequently unpleasant results.


A collection of portraits I made during the World Beard and Mustache Championships in Alaska during the spring of 2009′. Photographs by Matt Rainwaters. Here are the categories: Natural moustache, English moustache, Hungarian moustache, Dali moustache, Imperial moustache, Freestyle moustache, Natural goatee, Fu Manchu, Musketeer, Imperial partial beard, Partial beard freestyle, Sideburns freestyle, Verdi, Garibaldi, Full beard natural, Full beard with styled moustache, and Full beard freestyle (‘This is undoubtedly the crowd’s favorite category where almost anything goes’). There’s something almost Lovecraftian about some of these hairy appendages, which is a good an excuse as any to link to defective yeti’s ongoing H.P.Lovefest. And to remind everyone that it is currently Movember.

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