Doing the twist

Morphological similarity and visual inspiration: Someone has built it before. There are no new architectural ideas / ArchNewsNow carries the burgeoning Niemeyer backlash / Cibarius, a tumblr about food / The Gourmand, a magazine about food / Post New intrigues with its content and infuriates with its layout / beautiful drawings at Kranieri, but the sections remind us of Jet Set Willy / the latest stretch of the London transport network is now open, the London Overground.


The soundtrack to the 1984 film Electric Dreams featured extensive work by Italian disco legend and electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder. Moroder later ploughed some of his earnings from the film into the Cizeta Moroder V16T, one of only a handful of 16-cylinder production cars. Just a few were made, one of which was recently impounded for being illegal to drive in the US.

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