Dog days

Failed Architecture asks What this MVRDV Rendering Says About Architecture and the Media, a musing on the digital delusions of modern architectural imagery. The architects reply: In Defense of Renders and Trees On Top of Skyscrapers. Both sides have valid points but seem to be talking past each rather. FA’s point is about greenwashing, but MVRDV are more concerned with communication (although we liked their point that the urban forest atop the 2000 Hanover Expo Pavilion is still alive). The digital future is so seductive, though, that few stop to query its representations, preferring to use rendered utopias as a waypoint, rather than the commodity they are. This story about robot dogs in driverless vans … the delivery system of the future is a case in point. Can anyone see this either happening, let alone going well, or do these digital musings about uncanny scampering canine couriers simply ensure that someone brings them to life? / sort of related, using entire virtual cities to plan future development / a few other things. Paintings by Erika Lee Sears / Photos From the 2019 Dakar Rally / what it’s like to be an internet advice columnist / the world’s largest 100 islands (via tmn) / New Ways, Peter Behrens’ only building in the UK and the country’s first ‘modern’ house, is for sale.

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