DIY revolution

Today’s fantastically dangerous and foolhardy idea is the flying bicycle, a whirring model-mounted quadrotor that should come with a fifty metre exclusion zone and flashing hazard lights. Not a real proposal, of course, but a demonstration of remote working and collaboration through 3D modelling software (a story deemed not sufficiently interesting enough without a crazed Heath Robinson-esque accompaniment) / sort of related, British mass-market electronics chain Maplin is set to become the first high street outlet to sell a 3D printer, the Velleman K8200, a build-it-yourself model intended as an introduction to home 3D printing. Time will tell if this is as significant a product as the first home-brewed home computer kits of the 70s and 80s / sort of related, Jellytext, summoning the late ghost of the UK’s Teletext service (via MeFi Projects). By Matt Round, also responsible for the suprisingly comprehensive MetaMitchell&WebbFilter.


Troubled architects RMJM get on the blur bandwagon about a decade too late with their proposal for Taichung Cty Cultural Center in Taiwan / Damn You Art School! Helpful app resources for creatives / the Mobile Orchard, an installation by CNC-aficionados Atmos Studio, ‘an inhabitable hymn to the urban fruit tree’ / online archaeology: TV Swansong, eight artworks ‘reflecting on the current state of flux in television with idiosyncratic responses to its past, present and future’. Dating from 2003.

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