Disoriented and confused

Available ‘soon’, the Canon Wonder Camera Concept / available now, the Make-up Mode Camera / a 6-9 Place Business Aircraft by Carter / the Master Index of Classic Transport Photographs / Google Property has launched, and it’s unsurprisingly easy to use, creating instant geographically rich data clusters. All it needs now is to colour code each property by price, etc. / nice to be mentioned in this thread, which pointed us to riot rite right clit clip click (occasionally nsfw) / from the ‘where are they now’ files, former guitarist in Bitch Magnet, Jon Fine (inevitably, there’s a website devoted to the pursuit of post-‘fame’ activity) / the Kindle DX looks quite interesting / Fiona Banner’s Tate Britain installation / 1024 architecture are very good at video mapping / the Barcelona Institute of Architecture Blog.


Missionary Work, Cabinet Magazine’s Christopher Turner on the collectomania of Henry Wellcome. Check the Wellcome’s image collection / sometimes a year goes by and it’s just easier to look at stuff without the pressure of time or the demands of novelty. Fiona Tan’s installation at last year’s Venice Biennale is a case in point. ‘Disorient’ is a study of Orientalism, using the rich language of The Travels of Marco Polo as a verbal backdrop to equally rich imagery, all serving to reinforce how ‘the lack of comprehension of other cultures and societies, the reluctance to engage with and to learn about other customs and other religions is just as pertinent and tragic today as it was seven hundred years ago.’

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