Digging through the past

An ACME Novelty Toy Gallery, ‘All toys designed by Chris Ware, and assembled by myself‘ / Blissbat, a blog mostly about books / Shakespeare’s Monkey, ‘a two line poem with a random letter generator underneath (random letters that coincide with the real ones are in pink). It will run until the whole poem is randomly generated. All the right letters happening at the same time. If it doesn’t in your lifetime, pass it on to your children.’


From the comments: ‘Loaded – it’s the SAAB of magazines; 1. Started by geniuses, 2. Bought by enthusiasts, 3. Sold to Vauxhall. The End’ / The Unintentional Artist, a series by photographer Leon Chew / a letter from Albert Camus / art by Carson Ellis / the Islamic influence on facade of Yamasaki’s WTC.


The evolution of the Toronto skyline. See also landmarks of the future, a pre-crunch look at a speculative London / Wallpaper vs Chapmans / we’ll take a bunch of these warning stickers / what are the next pad? / This Window. Close it, a tumblr / Guitar hero gets real. Tempting / The Frightening Beauty of Bunkers by Paul Virilio, tmn on Bunker Archaeology.


More archaeology. Bottlebank, ‘the Internet site for Simon Buckingham’s Coca-Cola collection’ / the Museum of Useful Things, which has just had a re-vamp. Their blog is here / Unusual Museums of the Internet, practically a museum piece itself / World Wide Wheelie Bins / Infoshop, ‘kill capitalism before it kills you!’ / sensibly titled blog post: The ever growing ever pervasive records that the Internet produces make me think sometimes about the virtues of forgetting.


The list of last occurences / buy a little bit of internet history, first issues of .net magazine and Internet Today magazine (which doesn’t even seem to have a web presence any more…) / we like Infinite Garage, which presents itself as a kind of modern (dare we say hipster) Narnia, a dreamworld formed of a near bottomless pit of cool things. As the intro says, ‘I inherited a 3 car garage packed with 35 years of stuff. Sell, trash, or keep forever?’. There’s a store, and sometimes the juxtapositions of old things in new contexts is a little bit too neat (red plaid forever), but this is the Carter expedition or Cheapside Hoard of the noughties.


The Architectural Review currently has an expansive set of features and photography stories on India / the photographic reference of pin-up artist Gil Elvgreen (nsfw), at Marieaunet / traveling with the ghost [sic] offers up scans of fashion stories (nsfw) / Wig and Pen, a weblog from Amherst / Cars from the Axis of Evil: ‘the best estimate is that there are fewer than 30,000 vehicles on the road—in a country of nearly 24 million people’.

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