Deep underground

Bassist Guy Pratt gives the run-down on the bassline for Like a Prayer / farewell to Cathal Coughlan / The Vast Career of Tara Jane O’Neil / Who Sampled Who? / at home with the late Ken Adam, 2016, photographs by Nigel Shafran / the Caspian Sea monster is back: DARPA Liberty Lifter / a selection of supercuts from Sam Lavigne (via MeFi) / glitch meets Google Earth, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII & Thomas Collet, Live at Berlin Atonal 2021 / the story of Massimo Vignelli’s NY subway map / Shit Planning, the other end of the spectrum / did Brunel create a solar alignment to celebrate his birthday? We’re not sure / which takes us to the story of the Burlington Bunker, or the Central Government War Headquarters in Corsham, ‘the former emergency relocations site for the government in the event of nuclear attack,’ accessible via the Box Tunnel / the Underpinnings Museum, dedicated to the history of underwear / Occlusion Grotesque, a wood-cut font that continues to grow / Andreas Papadakis and deconstructivism / a new exhibition of the work of William Heath Robinson / Gubns, ‘a niche community and curated collection of treasures designed by those in the field of architecture’.

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