Deep Impact

Deep Impact: Martian, Lunar and Other Rare Meteorites, a forthcoming sale at Christie’s. Own a litte bit of somewhere else:

The formal name for this meteorite is NWA 5000 and it refers to the single, roughly cubic-shaped lunar meteorite weighing 11.528 kg, found in southern Morocco in 2007. It is a beautiful breccia made up of coarse-grained fragments (with shock-injected veins of silicate melt) and small black glassy fragments composed of impact melt. The rock has a two-toned appearance. Its brecciated nature attests to the impact-mixing of different kinds of materials at the lunar surface. This is the second-largest lunar meteorite in the world’s collections; it is the largest lunar meteorite that consists mainly of igneous rocks from the lunar highlands (the highly cratered, light-colored regions of the Moon).

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