Deep house

Thirty-year-old corpse discovered in cellar of €35m Paris mansion‘. There are always some similarly ridiculous properties at Concierge Auctions. Corpses presumably not included, but you never know / An Invisible Crown: How to Be an Heiress, the story of Olga Deterding / early films of cities / droney, abstract instrumental music by Sonic Koalas / Oscillation, an album by Oh Hiroshima / love this: An Isolation Odyssey by Lydia Cambron / How ghost cruise ships became a summer tourist attraction / Absence of Evidence, ‘The work consists of 14 photographs, taken by both the artists Henry/Bragg and a group of ‘former street sex workers in Hull honouring 14 of their fellow workers who have died’ (via The Learned Pig) / Tips for Community Funding In Challenging Times / exploring the pernicious influence of benevolent sexism, a comic by Emma / ‘In the Vir­tu­al Giant Dolls’ House project, we asked chil­dren of all ages and their close ones to cre­ative­ly share their expe­ri­ence of stay­ing in one space because of self-iso­la­tion and social distancing.’ / the story of Ben is Dead, an LA scene / ‘The little sculpture affixed to your house‘, nameplates on doors (via MeFi).

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