Deep dives

The wisdom of whales / it’s all about the pixels: The National Video Game Museum / turn your iPhone into a 90s pocket organiser (bonus links, Is the Psion 5 still usable in 2017? and a history of Psion) / buy yourself a domestic retro display. Who needs Alexa? / revisiting Space Cadets, the ‘reality show that never left the ground’ / rarely updated but always worth a visit, Baindex, the best weblog about indexing / the late Yaphet Kotto made a few records, but also lent his name (probably unwittingly) to a Santa Cruz punk band. Found at the Dead or Arai Yumi soundcloud page (slightly nsfw imagery), which collates and curates a huge swathe of soundtrack, pop and rock from elsewhere and way back when, probably not entirely legally / Via Fanfare, ‘In 1950s America, was it common for the boss and his wife to have dinner an an employee’s home, or is that purely a sitcom plot?’, includes a link to New York State Regents Exams from the 1930s onwards.

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