Other things. Secret bunkers and mountain hideouts: hunting Italy’s mafia bosses. See also the BBC documentary The Mafia’s Secret Bunkers, which you can watch on YouTube / History Always Favours The Winners, a record label with some great signings / Champagne, shotguns, and surveillance at spyware’s grand bazaar, a depressing trawl around an arms fair / Le Mans 1955, a short animated film (via Jalopnik, which also links to this extendable H Van / web thingys by Matt Round / slo-mo ocean footage. Sparkly / Stranger Than Kindness: The Nick Cave Exhibition / the creative legacy of Teletext / more 8-bit aesthetic at Rose Tinted Spectrum / contemporary stagecraft uses hi-res three dimensional realms projected around the action, rather than green screens (at the sci-fi blog Dark Horizons) / reminiscing about the dangers of our youth / and finally, The Ireland Shakespeare forgeries:

‘Deeree Sirree, Wille youe doee meee theee favvourree too dinnee wythee meee onn Friddaye nextte, attt twoo off theee clockee, too eattee sommee muttonne choppes andd somme poottaattoooeesse.’

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