Decay and fall

Learning Synths, a fun educational site from Ableton (via The Verge) / thanks to Kottke for highlighting the other-worldly sounds of a giant gong. An Paiste 80 Symphonic Gong is rather dear / the cartoonist Mordillo (wiki) has died / a history of the smartwatch / art by Simon Palmer / Five schemes for cheaper space launches—and five cautionary tales / Welcome to Goose Creek Tower / The Happy Reader, a Penguin magazine / Astronaut Dinosaur, paintings by Scott Listfield / sort of related: Inside Information: MinimoogMalik Thomas, see also inside the VOX AC30 / art by Kate Neave / 35 Innovators Under 35 / Sounds of American Doomsday Cults Volume 14 / the art of mass production by photographer Daniel Stier / a Porsche-powered camper van. Not the performer you might expect.

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