Decades of perspectives

Truly random things today. To start with, some collected useful advice: Dear Joan and Jericha – Why He Turns Away: Do’s and Don’ts, from dating to Death / Dischord Records, the entire back catalogue available to stream at Bandcamp / BBC Sound Effects / historians of the recent past can now explore the Usenet Archives / buy a Control Tower (via MeFi). Not the first example of its kind: The Control Tower in North Yorkshire and one that needs some tender loving care in Lincolnshire / Not a mirage: ‘Top 20 iconic desert houses you can actually buy.’ Some of which are real, some unreal, some high camp and some simply chancing it on the strength of some computer renders / Why the Power Symbol Looks the Way It Does, at adafruit / related, ISO Symbols / drumming videos drumming videos drumming videos / a comprehensive collection of Educational Children’s Television from the 70s, 80s and 90s / a history of the BMW 7-Series / All Is Lost: Notes on Broken World Design, a ‘persuasive parable in which long-held assumptions about the socio-technical constitution of modernity are systematically dismantled and then slowly, painfully replaced with the epistemological realities of broken world thinking’ / The Five Estates, a multi-part series on how housing in South London went from being ‘a dream in the 60s, [to] a reality in the 70s and a nightmare in the 80s.’

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