Death on the file

Facebook is a growing and unstoppable digital graveyard: ‘By 2012, just eight years after the platform was launched, 30 million users with Facebook accounts had died. That number has only gone up since. Some estimates claim more than 8,000 users die each day. At some point in time, there will be more dead Facebook users than living ones.’ See also, a web service that ‘preserves your most important thoughts, stories and memories for eternity’. A better bet than cryonics (via MeFi).


The Dark Side of Guardian Comments. Miserable / Dodos, not fat or even particularly tasty. Still dead, though / The Last Mission to the Moon: undertake ‘a real-time journey through the Apollo 17 mission’ / see also the immersive Apollo 11 VR experience / Velocipedia, bicycles drawn from memory then rendered, a project by Gianluca Gimini (via MeFi) / Stuart Haygarth’s treasure-from-trash survey of British beaches / the impending end of MoMA’s architecture and design galleries / the graphic art of Anton Repponen.

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