Dead jets

One unsurprising casualty of last decade’s financial crisis was the sudden end to several independent proposals for small scale business jets; all of a sudden there simply wasn’t a big enough market to support a host of new players in what is an incredibly expensive start-up. Here are six dead jets from the last decade: the ATG Javelin (‘an Indy car racer for the sky‘ that was more of a fighter plane for businessmen than a jet), the Epic Victory Very Light Jet (VLJ), the design of which might survive in someone else’s hands, the PiperJet PA-47, the Adam A700 and the Eclipse 400. A few players are still clinging on, such as the Spectrum S-40 Freedom, the Diamond D-JET and the Cirrus Vision SF50 / possibly related, Confessions of a Flight Attendant, a weblog.


Artifacts from the first 2000 years of computing at the Computer History Museum‘ / Vintage Technology Obsessions has some fun things, such as this look at a piece of Juvenile Cold War Space Fiction and a maintenance manual for the massive Convair B-36 Peacemaker heavy bomber / The Wende Museum Saves Communist Design, Steven Heller on a repository of Cold War artefacts / Magpile on C+A, the trade magazine of the Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia / images from the Secret Cinema series currently running in London and elsewhere.


The Human Rights Skyscraper in Beijing, a tongue-in-cheek dig at Chinese property rights (recently in the news yet again, although the story is always the same). This time the proposal riffs on SITE’s Highrise of Homes proposal from 1981, which crops up every now and again as inspiration, such as in the proposed Shelf Hotel by 3Gatti Architecture Studio (at Bing Bang Pouf) / Kottke discovers the delights of Russian dashcam videos. These have become something of an internet cottage industry, carefully cut compilations, updated monthly, drawn from a huge pool of private recordings, all of which must be uploaded, presumably for insurance purposes. Update: Dash-Cams: Russia’s Last Hope for Civility and Survival on the Road, also via Kottke.

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