Daily bits, 5 of 5

Final bits and bobs scraped up off the cutting room floor / Marc Fisher’s Public Collectors link set on delicious is well worth an extended browse through. A few samples: markings found in books / the many treasures of Bill Davenport / a journey into cassette culture / the air sickness bag museum, and many, many more. Back to normal next week / Duck Tron / Astronaut Suicides / design and illustration at Square Door / more creative work at Ghost Ghost / 765, networks, nodes, art and systems. Their post a jpeg is worth 1000kb, on ‘ZORK, Colossal Cave Adventure, and the landscape of the text-based adventure game’, explains the origins of the maze of twisty little passages and maths and mapping. ‘The smallest complete map [of Zork] available on the internet today, is, at 480 kilobytes, about five times the size of the game itself’.

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