Daily bits, 2 of 5

Elaborate illustrations by Erwin Kho / drawings by Serena Olivieri / Ribbon Farm on the epic story of container shipping, an extended review and essay around Marc Levinson’s book The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger / a linked trio of culture blogs, dealing with the detritus of the past three decades; And what will be left of them…. focuses on the 1970s, Faces on Posters / Too Many Choices on the 1980s and Up Close and Personal on the 1990s / The Kid Should See This, fabulous collection of kid-friendly videos – science, nature, animation, etc., – from all around the web.

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  1. Erwin is a good friend of mine and I was happy to see his illustrations here. Too bad neither you nor “defringe” link to his website. Here’s his portfolio site, his flickr stream and his behance profile, all well worth visiting, friending and liking.

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