Daft, inappropriate or wasteful

Some connected things. Love London Council Housing, an obviously titled blog celebrating the best of social housing in the capital. To be read in conjunction with Modernist Estates, this recent news story – ‘One in three councils ‘not replacing Right to Buy homes‘ – and an earlier post, the Elephant in the park / hate the Garden Bridge? Then enjoy a Folly for London, an artistic intervention that’s ‘looking for the most absurd, illogical, egotistic and obtrusive designs for the public green space on London’s South Bank which would be sacrificed for The Garden Bridge. You will be hard-pushed to think of something quite as daft, inappropriate or wasteful as the current proposal – but that is your challenge.’ Another earlier post on changing London: Looking down, all is ruins. Finally, two calls to action: Why it’s time to return to architectural idealism and 100 designs to solve London’s housing crisis.


Other things. Landscape painting by Alex Egan, Fred Ingrams and Cornelia Fitzroy, all members of Group Eight / Crash Baggage sell pre-distressed cases to thwart baggage handlers (presumably) / a gallery of car parks / Killer Covers offers up page after page of pulp artwork, including these (mildly nsfw) education-related titles.

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