Cults and closures

‘From beginning to end, photographers from The Oregonian documented the followers of guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the remote eastern Oregon commune they formed and the downfall and prosecution of their leaders’. From the Rolls-Royce Photo Archive: ‘This factory built limousine was ordered by the religious cult leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh at the a rumored cost of $1.6 million. Rajneesh, the self-proclaimed “Guru to the Rich” had a collection of ninety-two Rolls-Royces. His reclusiveness contradicted his selection in paint schemes for this fleet cars, but his desire for personal protection was incorporated in some of the cars, and this Silver Wraith II is probably the most extreme example. It is bomb and bullet-proof, is fitted with dual electrical systems; external speaker system; sealed windows; multiple alarm systems; oil and tear gas dispensers and gun ports. Sounds like a car straight out of a James Bond movie! Rahneesh died in the late-1980’s after being deported, but many of the Rolls-Royces he owned are still used on his compound in India.’ The Ranch Today.


London Geezer has a page devoted to the ins, outs, ups and downs of buying 2012 Olympic tickets / Adam and Joe mega-torrent / Google Video is shutting down. In just over ten days time all content will be deleted. Take a last look around. This Reddit ask is a good starting point. See also the MeFi post / another selection of online musems / Act, a tumblr / Komboh, art blog / the Jerome desk by David Kohn.

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