Crosstown traffic

Swinging Hatchetts, the story of a pioneering London Night Club from 1968-1978 / Thurston Moore on Madonna’s no-wave past / found photo mystery, up for grabs. We have one of our own as well / Dale Kelley collects pulp art on flickr / Sleek Magazine, about art, fashion and digital culture / photographs by Jesse Echevarria / Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House is for sale / Geoff Boeing on American city street orientations; grids rule. For comparison, cities of the world. Rome gets the prize for least grid-like city. Related, maps of Rome at the Hidden Hydrology website, dedicated to ‘lost rivers, buried creeks and disappeared streams / more water action. Gogotte Formations are sandstone concretions created over millions of years of erosion. They command high prices at auction.

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