Credits from the grave

Did The Rite of Spring really spark a riot?: ‘The performance continued to the end, despite the rowdiness of the audience, and one thing most accounts seem to agree on is that there was an ovation.’ Obligatory link to the start of Nocturne / related, a piece of high 80s weirdness: Play at home special present – Siouxsie & the Banshees (more) / a recent advertisement for UOMO (‘the new fragrance from Ermenegildo Zegna‘) culminates in a scene at the Casa Malaparte. Does anyone know why the screen features the prominent disclaimer, stating ‘Casa Malaparte is a work f architecture created by Curzio Malaparte’. Some estates have more power than others, and the house – still a private residence – is maintained (against the odds) as a shrine to the writer (his surname, ‘which he used from 1925, means “evil/wrong side” and is a play on Napoleon’s family name “Bonaparte” which means, in Italian, “good side”). More in ‘Part Palace, Part Temple, Part Prison‘ by Michael Z. Wise in the Los Angeles Review of Books, which notes the house’s pop culture resurgence.

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