Creativity and Value

I am not the next big thing, on creativity and the value of screaming into the void (via MeFi) / paintings by Andy Dixon (via HiFructose) / maps by Scott Reinhard / porcelain globes by Loraine Rutt. Some more info / music by Christian Fitness / The battle for the future of Stonehenge / Scottish modernist ruin awaits a saviour, a photo essay on the slow, inexorable but very picturesque decline of Gillespie, Kidd & Coia’s St Peter’s seminary in Cardross, Scotland / some more modern ruins by Jonk (via this isn’t happiness) / paintings by Amze Emmons / paintings by Marilina Marchica / “Your Money Is Safe in Art”: How the Times-Sotheby Index Transformed the Art Market, a fascinating tale of auction houses, the art of investing in art and the work of writer Geraldine Keen.

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