Crash and burn

More curating. The Object Project, including such diverse things as a Calendar from an Italian coffin manufacturer, a Menu from a whorehouse in Nevada and a unfinished model car. ‘The objects photographed for @theobjectproject were culled from the personal archives and collections of three University of Western Ontario graduate students’. Of course, there is also a tumblr: The Object Project.


J[AB]N, a well-curated tumblr / photographs by Angela Moore / Paradise lost: Persia from above, ‘Swiss photographer Georg Gerster undertook a dangerous mission to capture the beauty of Iran from the air on film, sticking his camera out a of a plane to do so’ / The Big Map Blog ia MeFi) / ‘Infographic of the Day’ at Co.Design: How America Describes Itself In Dating Profiles / Tropical Island Infinite Photo (via Rocketboom) / 2009 Chevy Malibu vs 1959 Bel Air Crash Test.

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