Crack an egg

How to Study the Bible – the Language of Colour, by Thomas Macklin, 1909. “A highly idiosyncratic, eccentric and colourful engagement with his Bible by an East Anglian merchant, who over a twenty year period (c.1888-1909) extensively annotated the volume throughout in bright colours, following a system of his own devising… Words and phrases on each page are washed over or outlined (often both) in watercolours, in one of eight colours – each denoting a meaning: Yellow (God Speaking), Blue (Good. Honest), Green (Bad. Evil), Violet (Name of Place), Black (Devil. Sin), etc.” / other things. A portfolio of pictures from the Bell Labs data center in Oakland, California, 1969 and 1970 / via MeFi / art from the future, a tumblr / ghost characters and lost elements, some musings / ‘you’re alone in a small Russian apartment in a concrete tenement: it’s Winter.’

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