Corridors of power, working in ruins

Things that have been lost or ignored: Forgetify. Work your way through the millions of unplayed Spotify tracks / Kickended. Bask in the schadenfreude of the Kickstarter projects that never got off the ground / Petit Tube, which purports to serve up YouTube videos with precisely zero views (thus removing them from the running) / in a similar Schrödinger-esque paradigm, some views on the role and status of ruin porn (at Atlas Obscura via MeFi): does the act of photographing, staging and rearranging a ruin stop it from being an authentically abandoned space and more of a stage set for our preconceptions of what a ruin should look like? / related: Deserted Space: Photos Document NASA’s Abandoned Launch Pads, photographs by Roland Miller / sort of related, the proposed refurbishment of the Palace of Westminster to cost in excess of £3 billion: ‘if nothing was done, politicians and staff would end up “working in a ruin” / in comparison, Will Self on why the Tate Modern extension symbolises the art world’s complicity in the widening gulf between rich and poor / and finally, the impossible office architecture of The Stanley Parable / the above image is a location shot from Richard III, mostly shot in and around a very different London.

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