Come back again

Not a trap, nor a hoax: Lower Manhattan’s Mysterious Warplane, referenced before, but always worth revisiting, as are any other architectural ‘easter eggs’ out there (via Scouting NY) / Now Voyager, a weblog / This’n’That, a weblog / the 48 hour magazine is made / full details on the Jobs’ Donut. Not to be confused with the Stanford Torus / the modernist Houses at Sagaponac get toned down due to market conditions / Solitaire Win, a fabulous 3D sculpture familiar to users of Windows. At Skrekkogle. Via haddock.


Lackar, a tumblr / Mr Cripe put together some useful photography links / including Lines and Colors and Illustration Art / Idealog, a New Zealand based webzine / 703 paintings by Paul Cezanne (via MeFi). A great resource but the scans could be bigger. See also WikiPaintings and the Google Art Project / London’s Screen Archive, a treasure trove of historical films about the capital / Velvet Underground Collectibles from the Sterling Morrison Archive, and a dedicated weblog. Via The Cartoonist.

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