Collectomania revisited

A Collection a Day, linked via Grain Edit: ‘San Francisco based artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon has always been fascinated with with collecting, arranging, and organizing her collections. On January 1, 2010, Lisa took it upon herself to photograph, draw, and occasionally paint these collections for the entire year, and thus, the Collection a Day 2010 project was born.’


IKEA’s Homemade is Best cookbook looks beautiful but also infuriatingly vague / Skyscraper, Interrupted: 12 Stalled Projects Around the World (via Coudal) / photography by Bastienne Schmidt / Won’t Wash, a weblog / swim blink glow, a weblog / animated gifs and more by Sara Ludy / Philip Cooper loves sheds (see his Robert Adam-influenced garden shed, ‘leading to the high point of me being in The World of Interiors at the tender age of 14′).


The Arsenale at the Venice Biennale, Will Hunter’s considered view of the exhibition / a conceptual digital watch from Seiko that uses e-Ink / Izonogood, an occasionally nsfw tumblr / Nameless, a tumblr / Functional Recuperation, a tumblr / we’ve linked the art of Sharon Core before, but not her own website / Aleix Plademunt’s series ‘DubaiLand is the apotheosis of the Blank School of photography and its 21st-century co-option in the service of Snarky Urbanism; i.e. places that are simultaneously awful but also ‘neat’, a dualism not immediately apparent in the rather obtuse accompanying text: ‘Dubai appears as a very symptomatic place that is quite transparent about the social and ideological characteristics that have determined the artificial construction of its landscapes’. In other words, things look the way they do because they can, and there are no barriers – cultural, financial or regulatory – to stop them.


L’Abbaye des Morts is a charming little 8-bit-a-like game by Locomalito, in which Catharism meets old-school platforming (via RPS) / Punk turns 30, old and new photographs of the movement / photographs at Mallow Carnation / London Interior Timelapse Sequences at Digital Urban / art and imagery (occasionally nsfw) at srger / Oona Gardner’s new land is a vending machine that ‘allows you the ability to participate by owning a memento of a place that is unknowable’, the Island of Surtsey.


Twisted Vintage, a pinup-heavy weblog / Haute Pop, fashion-focused tumblr / photographs by Sarah Duncan, including Brutalist architecture and buildings at risk (see also Risky Buildings) / plsj field notes, a wordier tumblr / Scooters, by Hyperkit / good to see that ‘director’s cut’ also extends to extreme photoshopping of the original art: Example A versus Example B.

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