Collections and clarifications

A farewell to Charles Jencks, dead at 80 / Attempted Bloggery, vintage illustration and cartoons / everyone’s trying to draw a perfect circle / the cutaway drawing and its artists, a thirteen-year old thread at the Autosport Forums that is a treasure trove of vintage engineering drawings / music from Sleep Eaters / all hail people who put interesting things on flickr, still: retro imagery (some nsfw) from bifröst girl; mid-century design from Sandi Vincent; art by Casey Cripe; art by Conrad Bakker; architectural photographs by Jens Kristian Seier (who also points us to more architecture photographs by Iqbal Aalam and Igor Palmin) / Martin Parr on photographing Wales / ambient soundscapes from Conifold / How interchangeable parts revolutionised the way things are made / Which vintage girls’ toys are most collectable? / Untitled Project by Conrad Bakker / Inside the decaying mansions abandoned in UK’s most expensive wasteland / Tokyo Transit in realtime 3D (via Kottke) / not really related, Find cities with a similar climate.

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