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Into the collections and archives section. A Penguin a Week is still soldiering on (plenty of Penguins to go) / Agence Eureka is still a treasure trove of scanned ephemera and illustration /’s blog is worth following / Archive Team links to a tranche of resources / the Cabinet of Wonders no longer updates / Codex 99 has been quiet for eight months or so, sadly / Container List is still going, as is the eclectic Cyber Heritage / Dark Roasted Blend is an online institution / there are treasures to be found in the Design Council Slide Collection but the online archive of Design magazine is making itself scarce / Dull Tool Dim Bulb is always worth a visit / Efimera is dusty and abandoned, as is Ephemera and ephemera assemblyman, whereas Ephemeralism has completely vanished into the ether / Found Objects going strong / Invisible Themepark worth a visit / Kept Ephemera seems to be kept going as is Letterology / Letters of Note is a full-blown online phenomenon these days / our original link died but here’s a new link to a Blue Plaque Map of London / Mapping London is excellent / Material World is still going but Mid-Centuria switched to members-only / Militant Esthetix is a dayglo repository of interesting things (from a former things contributor).


The Museum of Jurassic Technology is a venerable institution (albeit a rarely updated one) / Coudal’s Museum of Online Museums is an essential starting point for the online ephemera enthusiast / as is the National Archives Blog / Obsessionistas is no more but oobject curates collections of unusual things / PCL Linkdump was great but has closed its doors to new posts / Peter Harrington Rare Books continues to post about great finds / Public Collectors is a must-visit / Rad Library has been quiet for six years / Recto/Verso continues to post / Room 26 Cabinet of Curiosities is closed now, we think / Shelf Appeal is another evergreen classic / as is Shorpy / Tales of Things still exists / whereas the Tate no longer seems to have a blog / The Cartographer’s Guild is still a map-maker’s delight / as is the brilliant Map Room / the Tomorrow Museum is no more / the National Trust continues to publish Treasure Hunt / Victorian London is still a beautiful thing / a different kind of beauty on offer at Vintage Computing and Gaming / see also World of Spectrum / not sure why we linked to soap makers Wary Meyers. Nice soap, though / the amazing Wellcome Library / X planes was a great tumblr, but is no longer updated.

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