Clouds, castles and catastrophes

Fantastic Journal goes off on an entertaining jaunt in search of Voysey / a misfits’ notes on architecture, on design, sustainability, icons and the slaying of sacred cows / What to do about Nauru, Basement Geographer on the blighted South Pacific island facing the challenges of environmental collapse, obesity and the turbulence of the world’s investment markets (including backing the 1993 West End musical Leonardo the Musical: A Portrait of Love (‘considered one of the biggest disasters in the history of London theatre’), overseen by Duke Minks, number 1 in the Motley Fool’s list of ‘the 10 people we’d least trust with our money’.


Amazon’s AutoRip function, recently added to UK accounts, is a piece of audio archaeology, mining your physical music purchases from the past 14 years and offering them up to download from various devices (BBC story, MeFi post from the service’s American debut a few months ago) / related: someone help, the overwhelming world of cloud storage.


The SS Richard Montgomery, lurking just beneath the waves of the Thames Estuary, packed with explosives: ‘In August 2004, a report in the New Scientist magazine said if the ship exploded it would be one of the biggest non-nuclear blasts ever seen and devastate the port of Sheerness, causing up to £1bn of damage.’

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