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The Quintronics Drum Buddy, an elaborate analogue counterpoint to the traditional drum machine. Demo video. See also the Bleep Drum, another DIY solution / Counter-Print, a huge collection of cover art / The Long Dark, a proposed game with a rich atmosphere / the Tall Tower Project (via the BBC) / meanwhile, the Kingdom Tower is starting very slowly /


I Shot the Band, music and photography. The site links a covers and places project, the same kind of a retro-photography recently undertaken by Marc Hermann to create Vintage Crime Scene Photographs in NY (via). See also the Looking into the Past flickr group / Stalin’s Rope Roads, a photo essay on the creaking tramways of Georgia.


Evolutionary Extinction, work by artist Paul White. See also a time-lapse of the artist at work. More White / France is Hexagonal, a weblog / EatSleepDraw, illustration / a tumblr by Brandon Harrington / see also Aspirations of a Warrior Poet / Paris Unplugged, archive imagery of the city / The PorPor Books Blog: SF and Fantasy Books 1968 – 1988.

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  1. tim biden says:

    Man!!! Where were the Drum Buddy and Bleep Drum 15 years ago while I was still hardcore into making music? I would have had a blast with those! Unfortunately I don’t have any gear anymore. :-(

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