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The Tom Thomson Catalogue Raisonné, worth a browse for those who love their brushstrokes / What things flopped because they arrived at exactly the wrong time? / Distant Worlds 2, a virtual expedition to Beagle Point, 65,000 light years from Earth / a team has built a complete model of the Tokyo Subway system / animating (and soundtracking) the graphic art of the 80s is fun but also sort of cheating; this level of visual and technological wizardry simply wasn’t available back in the 80s. This is the big lie of retro nostalgia; we’re experiencing all this technology through the sophisticated filters of the present. Bands like Peturbator (nsfw occasionally), Kavinsky, Master Boot Record and Carpenter Brut and labels like Retro Promenade play on this purely digital re-tread of the early analogue/digital aesthetic.

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