Click, clack

Another collection of disparate links. We’re long out of the Lego game, but their sets continue to be interesting. This world map looks a little intense, however. This Typewriter is fun / see also Lego bass. Not a kit / Golf Ball for sale / Photographer Updates Postcards Of 1960s Resorts Into Their Abandoned Ruins, via MeFi. Also via MeFi, the mid-century pre-fabricated home, a Flickr set / animated movie posters: Star Turnz / music by Conifold / an interview with Jason Pierce. Related, ‘A monkey could play one note. But could a stoned monkey?’ / musings on Ambergris / a new issue of Wallpaper* magazine / where is your pointer? Someone will be along to show you / J.G.Ballard takes you Towards Crash.

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