‘… classically, the protruding aerofoil should be set on fire’

iiii magazine is a new online publication about arts and culture. Recommended / Another World, a brand magazine from Another Country, a furniture company that has caught the new authenticity zeitgeist and translated it into an all-encompassing bokeh-friendly lifestyle presentation / Overhead Compartment seems to have closed up shop / With the Grain, photography / paintings by Charley Peters / Bob Ross cleaning his brush for 45 minutes (via, of course, b3ta) / improvised music by 1R3C / how disinformation spreads division. Safe to say that almost any hot-button topic that suddenly rockets into undue prominence is being stoked in some way, small or large, by people with a vested interest in conflict, rather than compromise or collaboration. Depressing / light relief: Fold’N Fly, ‘A database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions’ (via tmn). Of course, 19 years ago we were ahead of the curve with online paper dart instructions.

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