Cities in (Empty) Space

The Pop-Up City, ‘an online magazine by [placemaking agency] Golfstromen which explores new ideas, trends, strategies and methods for a dynamic and flexible interpretation of contemporary urban life.’ We have never come across a placemaking agency before. We like their link to the Suicidator City Generator. If you have and understand Blender (we don’t and don’t) ‘you can automatically create entire, three-dimensional modern cities in a matter of seconds by adjusting various parameters, such as city size and complexity, rather than creating each building, each street, and each texture manually… The master concepts in SCG are randomness and therefore uniqueness: each generated city, each building, and each street is random and unique, making your city look real. Besides, you can greatly alter the look of a city simply by changing the input parameters.’ There’s a short film of the results here.


The Seven-Cent Advance, books reviewed by their intended readers / visit the Sci-Fi Air Show, Oshkosh 2110 / Stuff your rucksack informs about charitable exchanges worldwide / Adam Curtis does some fascinating digging into the BBC Archives to look at the hidden histories of BP (via). Related, our page of Oil industry ephemera, a very incomplete collection. Perhaps BP could go back to publishing cheery little London guide books.


What would a museum of the Planet Earth look like? / farewell Chris Sievey / IDIOM, ‘an online publication of artistic and cultural practice’ / The New Enquiry, contemporary criticism / Robert Corr, a weblog / a selection of Vertical farming links: a movie, an urban proposal, an Off-Grid Vertical Farm for Downtown Seattle, a part vertical farm, part TV station, and some films: I, II and III.


When the coverage is better than the tennis, Salon on Xan Brooks’s epic live blog of a match that went to 59-59 in the final set before light stopped play / Somebody’s Oatmeal, visual weblog / work by Nick Shea / architectural paintings by Frank Webster / Vintage Crayons, Paints and Art Supplies, a flickr set (via Print Fetish) / sad to say, but it’s farewell Grafik.

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