Circle Grave

Yes, but who is the actual architect? The new Apple HQ looks a bit like GCHQ spliced with Olafur Eliasson’sYour Rainbow Panorama‘, which, come to think of it, is pretty much a literal mash-up of what might go on inside (regimented joy blended with total surveillance). Apparently, according to Architizer, this is a Foster and Partners job, although it’s got to the stage where, frankly, there are a couple of hundred of firms that could have produced this piece of vaguely dated epic futurism / feels related: 2001: A Space Odyssey Themed Ads For HAL 9000 & Pan Am.


Paper Cuts, ‘A solo show from Olly Moss’. The art of silhouette portraits, updated. From the last link: ‘The term “silhouette” comes from the French finance minister, Etienne de Silhouette, who had a reputation for imposing severe cost cutting economies on the French during the Seven Years War. It so happened that a hobby of his was to cut profiles of people out of card. Being a very economical way of producing a likeness, his name became linked with anything done “on the cheap”!’ / Mind Spikes / enter La Photocabine / preserving Plymouth.


Other things. Slate’s Hollywood Career-O-Matic / photography by Angus R Shamal / archipreneur, an irregular architecture site / photographs by Kim Holtermand / Thought Containment Unit, a tumblr / Scaffoldage is still going / mostly architecture at Grajo Cosmico / Untitled, Less Adjectives, More Verbs, This is the Movie, Vivre!, Live your Life!, I only played chess once in my life and I lost. All tumblrs.

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