Christmas bundle

A rag tag bundle of things, probably to sign off for the year. Christmas and the Interior / the perfect 2015 Christmas card / World Maps Without New Zealand, the country that always seems to fall off the edge / stay in tree houses in Portugal / Bees and Bombs, a collection of gifs by Dave Whyte / The Golden Age of Helmand / In Praise of Boredom: ‘… without spells of boredom, how is the individual ever likely to develop a reflective nature?’ / for example, you could always fiddle around with this online version of the classic Roland TR-909 (wiki) / Round the North We Go, another journey by train / the architectural year in drone videos at Curbed / the SOS Brutalism gallery / Venice versus the cruise ship, a photo essay by Gianni Berengo Gardin / the sounds of space. Mission audio from Sigma 7 and Aurora 7, both from Project Mercury in 1962 / unusual views of a photoshoot favourite, the Sheats Goldstein Residence by John Lautner / the Ghost Streets of LA, BLDGBLOG (and MeFi) trawl the satellite images to find traces of paths lost / have a splendid seasonal break.

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