Cheery thoughts

Modern life is rubbish, part 78. Britain’s Idyllic Country Houses Reveal a Darker History. An excellent piece on the National Trust’s struggles with context and interpretation, in the face of vocal opposition from people who are seemingly desperate to avoid any kind of self-examination whatsoever / ‘End of the line for Uber‘, investigating a global scam that is leaving all of us poorer / ‘Learning from the Vessel: How cities can be designed to prevent suicide‘. Minimise access to highly visible vertical opportunities / rain noise generator, presumably to blot out the sound of real rain and rapidly advancing climate change / add fast fashion to the list of obviously awful but casually overlooked things: ‘In Ghana, they call them “obroni wawu” — dead white man’s clothes‘ / Orford Ness, home to an Artangel installation by Tatiana Trouvé. Some more images / ‘a door, a window’, a photographic series by Paul Clifford / how to make a bowling ball. But can you ever get rid of it? / the lucky few can escape to an island / the Matchbook Archive / music by lost space department / three dimensional murals by Peeta / ghost in the machine: Sahara Itza Live Chat (via Electric Eel). Creepy.

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