Checks and balances

Citywide transportation based on gyroscopic balancing buses. Some beautiful animation, and defiantly utopian. See also this city of rotating buildings from 2007 or do away with commuting altogether and just wait for work to come to you: the Clockwork City from 2011. Or just remember the straddling bus scam / Towers by Emma Fenelon / help kickstart this beautiful edition of Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica / a map made up of All the Roads in the USA, and nothing else (via tmn). An artist called James Medcraft (we think) once did a piece called “Anatomy of mainland Britain”. It took a very similar premise, starting with minor roads and tracks and building up to motorways / art weblogs: Atmospheres of Uncertainty and Contemporary Art Daily / the design of Dreamland / a book that contains Mount Fuji / tumblrs: design is fine and the eye-opening Modern Baghdad / tales from The Wildest West / buy Perry Bamonte’s collection of (left-handed) Cure-related guitars / sort of related, Luna play Fire in Cairo / the Far Game, trek across a future landscape.

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