Check your head

Getting inside the head of the man who was Frank Sidebottom / related, Chris Sievey’s The Biz, a Spectrum game from 1984. While we’re at it, the Thompson Twins Adventure from the same year and the (critically acclaimed) Frankie goes to Hollywood game, from the following year. The latter is also available to play online, courtesy of the Qaop online Spectrum emulator / Curious Architectural Phenomena, a MeFi post about the intriguing behind the scenes work of Austrian photographer Gregor Sailer / not really related, Terrible Things Happening in Cold Places (via Projects) / a close reading of the Vessel photography ‘rights’ document is yet one more thing that won’t help brand Heatherwick / Nicholas Dixon’s series ‘The Brown Sisters‘ reached the forty-third portrait last year / Outstanding, a tumblr about art.

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