Cats and boots

RayGun FX Super Fuzz Boy. Bzzz / Thomas Doyle, artist / 0s&1s has an interview with Tony Tulathimutte, author of Private Citizens / a satisfying film of a pen plotter test performed by the Edison Pen Company / is the replica furniture business finished? / 20 best acid house tracks / 30 tracks to celebrate 30 years of house / the CIA’s flickr stream is filled with Cold War mapping fun / the art of building, a photography competition / Rye Wax is a south London record shop / history of the pin badge / Top ten art installations of 2016 / which doesn’t include this disco ball cement truck / political cartooning at The Nib / Martin blogs about Moths / The Hi-Bit Era, new look old look video games / The Kid Should See This Gift Guide / Alongtimealone, a tumblr about art / Wheels of Aurelia is a great-looking game / Aylesbury, a short film about a housing estate that ‘perfectly encapsulates the growing housing crisis and problems caused by gentrification’.

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